Polígon Industrial Can Petit

Avinguda Font i Sagué 15B

08227 Terrassa (Barcelona) Spain

Telf: + 34 937863015/+ 34 937862971

Fax: + 34 937862906



· Car:

           -Estructural tubes.

           -Driving gas and fluids tubes (Heating, air                              conditioning, oil, etc…).

           -Rods and levers of gear boxes.

           -Seat frames.

           -Guides brakes cables.

           -Guides of rod to control the oil level










· Motorcycles:


           -Driving gas and fluids tubes.

           -Bracket of instruments panel.

           -Exhaust pipe parts.









· Industrial vehicle:

           -Rear view mirrors frame.









· Household appliances:

           -Set of burning stoves..

           -Gas pipes.

           -Blockers tubes of washing machines.









· Forniture:

           -Chairs and armchairs frames.








· Environtment:

           -Rubbish containers components.








· Others:

           -Aluminum stairs.

           -Frames for reparation car devices.

           -Filter boxes.

           -Frames and tanks.